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Never Sleep Again 2010

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Never Sleep Again 2010 Empty Never Sleep Again 2010

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Never Sleep Again 2010 Empty Never Sleep Again 2010

Messaggio Da Ospite Mer Giu 10, 2015 7:57 am

Never Sleep Again 2010, δύο καπνισμένες κάνες guy ritchie

The documentary is very nearly four hours long, a length that completely dwarfs that of His Name Was Jason, the documentary made by the same crew which covered the Friday the 13th series". Even for the casual fan, this is one hell of an educational film." He concluded his review by offering, "There's a lot to love about Never Sleep Again, and virtually nothing to hate. 5 hours long. If this review is inappropriate, please let us know. Learn more See all buying options Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (2-Disc Collector's Edition) Available from these sellers. If you are a fan of the NOES franchise, there is literally nothing that you won't find here. It's comprehensive to the extent of being exhaustive and contains everything Kreuger.

Copyright Policy Privacy Policy Terms of Service Ad Choices Mobile Apps . Ain't It Cool News. This was independently financed and produced by a group of fans who are also talented filmmakers, so it was the perfect combination. Alex roy Super Reviewer An utterly exhaustive, but absolutely fascinating look at the entire Elm Street series. This film is a pure delight from start to finish. If this review is inappropriate, please let us know. are all on board, but there are literally tons of people I have never seen in any kind of Elm Street docu or featurette ever here as well. Independent studio New Line Cinema's rise is mostly because of Elm Street, and the stories from director/creator Wes Craven, New Line head Robert Shaye, and star Robert Englund about financial struggles and tight deadlines are frequently the most enlightening." and concludes, "If you're a fan of the original films, this labor of love is a must-see."[11] Neil Karassik of Eye Weekly noted that nearly everyone who was involved in the original projects were captured in interviews, opining that "all eight Freddy features plus one surreal syndicated series are explored with staggering depth that never gets tiresome", and also sharing that the "project often surpasses its own subject in terms of giddy inventiveness."[12] Awards[edit] The film won in the "Best Direct-to-Video Title" and "Best in Show" categories at Home Media Magazine's 2010 Reaper Awards, a yearly DVD show held at the Roosevelt in Hollywood, CA.[13] The film was also the recipient of the 2010 Saturn Award for Best DVD Release of the Year. Thank you for your feedback.


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